Maintenance contract

Based all-year-long on the south shore of Ajaccio, La Conciergerie is entirely at your service. The more we know you, the better we  will be able to fullfil your needs,  anticipate your desires and comes up with a tailored service.

To simplify your life is our goal. In order to achieve it, we are your unique interlocutor, for the management of your house while you are away, the preparation before your arrival or the one of your tenants, the maintenance works or the supervision of your property…

All the necessary services for the good maintenance of your property are carried out by our profesional team. Between you and us, everything happens with trust and transparency.

For your property

Our prices

  • Silver
  • 110 / mois
  • Get yourself the essential
    • Keys guarding
    • 1 inspection visit
    • Reception/delivery of packages
    • Systematic inspection after weather hazard

  • Gold
  • 200 / mois
    • Keys guarding
    • 1 inspection visit (detailled photos report)
    • Reception/delivery of packages
    • Systematic inspection after weather hazard
    • Management of the maintenance team
    • Quotation of all trades
    • Mail forwarding
    • Access to our conciergerie services

  • Platinum
  • xxx / mois
  • A tailored contract
    • We analyze together your needs in order to propose you a tailored ocntract for your property.


Our tailored contract


You contact La Conciergerie


We evaluate together your needs


We elaborate a contract


We propose you a contract


The contract is accepted, we handle everything

À la carte

Our benefits

– Indoor and outdoor visual inspection
– Control of doors and windows
– Counters (water, electricity, etc) verification
– Mail checking
– Indoor plants watering

Total ventilation of the house at each visit
– Exceptionnal visit after weather hazard (level 3/4 Météo France alert, …)
– Site and works monitoring with photos report

– Stakeholder relaunch
– Works receipt
– Housekeeping
– Garden and swimming po
ol maintenance